Welcome to Rusty Miami

Commited to a less toxic Rust experience.

Extreme Performance

Performance tuned server provides you with a smoother experience.

The Best Plugins

We've implemented the community's favorite mods into our server for your enjoyment.

Non-playing Admins

Active, adult admins who monitor our server but do not play.

Anti-Cheat System

Using all of the latest anti-cheat tools, our servers are closely monitored for cheaters.

Server Rules & Info

Dedicated to a less toxic Rust experience, we welcome all skill levels and players from all over the world. We have active, adult non-playing admins who ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone. We have zero-tolerance for cheating or racism.

Rusty Miami 10X NoBP|Kits|Shop|Loot+|Skins

Wipe Schedule: Mondays & Fridays at 2:00pm EST
(except when a Rust update is released)

  • Fast paced game play with tons of PVP & raiding!
  • Free loot kits & shop for more fun & less grind!
  • No blueprints, no radiation.
  • Free skins for your items powered by SkinBox
  • No more than 3 layers of high external walls.
  • Max group/clan size: 5 players.
  • IP:

Our Community

Here's what some of our players have to say about their experience on our server!


Offical Discord Server

Join our community and enter giveaways in our official Discord server where you can communicate with players, share clips, and offer suggestions to our team!

Claim free in game loot by becoming verified on our Discord server!

Click Here to Join Our Discord Server!

VIP Kits

VIP members receive access to these exclusive VIP loot kits redeemable in-game in our server. Level of access depends on VIP level (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).


Bronze: Every 4 hours
Silver: Every 2 hours
Gold: Every 1.5 hours

1 Metal Face Mask
1 Metal Chest Plate
1 Tactical Gloves
1 Roadsign Skirt
4 Medical syringe
4 Bandages
2 High External Wooden Wall


Bronze: 1 per wipe
Silver: 2 per wipe
Gold: 2 per wipe

50,000 Wood
37,500 Stones
25,000 Metal Fragments
1,000 High Quality Metal Ore
10,000 Sulfur Ore
4,000 Cloth
1,000 Leather
50ft Rope
1,000 Low Grade Fuel

Base Builder

Bronze: 1 per wipe
Silver: 1 per wipe
Gold: 1 per wipe

50 External Stone Wall
8 Large Wood Box
6 Code Locks
4 Coffin
4 Salvaged Shelves
4 Furnace
4 Armored Door
2 Armored Double Door
2 Large Furnace
2 Square Ladder Hatch
2 Triangle Ladder Hatch
2 Test Generator
2 Tool Cabinet
2 Beds

Food & Medical

Bronze: 1 per wipe
Silver: 2 per wipe
Gold: 2 per wipe

50 Medical Syringe
30 Large Medkit
100 Bandage
50 Blueberries
50 Pumpkin
50 Cooked Chicken
50 Corn

Guns & Ammo

Bronze: none
Silver: 1 per wipe
Gold: 2 per wipe

1 M249 Machine Gun
1 L96 Rifle
2 Bolt Action Rifle
2 LR-300 Rifle
2 M39 Rifle
3 Assault Rifle (AK-47)
3 MP5A4
200 HV Rifle Ammo
300 Rifle Ammo
250 HV Pistol Ammo
3 Weapon Flashlight
3 Weapon Lasersight
1 16x Zoom Scope
2 8x Zoom Scope
2 Holosight
2 Silencer
2 Muzzle Brake
2 Muzzle Boost


Bronze: none
Silver: none
Gold: 1 per wipe

10 Timed Explosive (C4)
20 Rocket
10 HV Rocket
2 Rocket Launcher
250 Explosive Rifle Ammo

*Kits have a cooldown after every wipe before they can be redeemed: 6 hours on the 10X server and 12 hours on the 3X server.

VIP Perks

VIP members get to enjoy numerous additional benefits while playing on our server. Level of access depends on VIP level.

More Skins

(Bronze, Silver & Gold)

Full SkinBox access with thousands of skins available for your items through the /skin command.

Custom Signs

(Bronze, Silver & Gold)

Ability to upload custom graphics onto in-game signage with /sil.

Skip Queue

(Bronze, Silver & Gold)

If the server is full and there is a queue to join, you skip the line and are automatically first to join.

Status Recognition

(Bronze, Silver, Gold)

In-game [VIP] tag in chat and VIP Role access on our Discord as well as exclusive VIP hoodie in-game.

Reduced TP Time

(Silver & Gold Only)

Teleport time for /tp or /home reduced from 15 seconds to 8 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 1.5 minutes to 1 minute.

Reduced Bed Cooldown

(Silver & Gold Only)

Cooldown for spawning in bed reduced from 2 minutes to 1.5 minutes. Sleeping bag reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

More Homes

(Silver & Gold Only)

/sethome maximum amount increased from 3 to 6 unique locations.

Build Grade

(Gold Only)

Ability to build in desired material without needing to upgrade using the /bgrade command.

Full Stats Respawn

(Gold Only)

When you respawn you will have full health, food, and water stats.

VIP Donation Packages

If you want to support our server while taking your in-game experience to the next level, consider a monthly donation package which gives you VIP status in our server!
We pride ourselves in having the most affordable VIP kits out there, giving you more bang for your buck than any other server!


$9 ($3 / MONTH)

Duration: 3 MONTHS

VIP Kits Included:

PVP+ (Every 4 hrs)
Resources (1 per wipe)
Base Builder (1 per wipe)
Food & Medical (1 per wipe)
Guns & Ammo

VIP Perks Included:

In-Game VIP Tag
Discord VIP Role
More Skins
Skip Queue
Custom Signs
Reduced TP & Respawn Time
More Homes
Full Stats Spawn
Build Grade

Choose your donation type below:

Manage My Subscription ยป

*Subscription Donation will automatically be renewed and charged every 3 months until cancelled (can be cancelled anytime).
*One Time Donation is a one time payment which will not renew automatically and the VIP status will last for 3 months.
*Due to the nature of the game, we reserve the right to modify any of the kits and perks included in the packages at any time without notice.
*Kits have a 6 hour cooldown after every wipe before they can be redeemed.
*No refunds on any donations at any time for any reason, no exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that's not answered below? Contact us!

  • How do I redeem my VIP?

    Once you have completed the transaction, your vip status will be automatically and instantly reflected in our Rust server and Discord server (as long as you properly logged into Steam and Discord during checkout).

  • You cannot stack VIP packages or perks no matter how many kit donations are made. However, if you feel inclined to support us with an additional donation you can simply send a PayPal donation to [email protected].

  • Yes, when you click to purchase a VIP kit, you will see the option to buy it as a gift and you can enter your friend's steam ID to send it to them.

  • VIP status lasts for 3 months starting from the moment the donation is made. One time donations must be renewed manually. You can subscribe for a an automatic monthly donation so that it renews automatically and you will save 10%!

  • You can save 10% through a Subcription Donation which will automatically renew and charge you recurring payments every 3 months in the form of a subscription that can be cancelled at any time. Alternatively, you can make a One Time Donation which will not automatically renew and expires after 3 months.

  • There are no refunds on any donations at any time for any reason, no exceptions. We have zero-tolerance for cheaters and racism so act accordingly.


Ensuring you have a great experience in our server is our #1 priority. We continuously strive to improve our services in order to ensure we have the best Rust server available and this is only possible thanks to feedback from our community.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, the best way to contact us is always on our Discord Server.

You may also send us a message using the contact form below or via email directly to [email protected].

10X Server IP:

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